Thursday, 25 April 2013

Rapunzel turns four

Rapunzel on the stepping stones
Dolly celebrated her fourth birthday on Monday.

The day before she matter-of-factly told me: 'Mum, you didn't hide my shiny balloons in a very sensible place did you?'  And then casually sauntered off, singing Emeli Sande's latest song.

She was absolutely right.  In a fluster, I had absent-mindedly hid her birthday balloons in the toy cupboard.

She spent the day itself in a Rapunzel dress and long plait, a present from Grandpa, which she proudly wore all day.

Her outfit was very in keeping with the castle that we visited to celebrate her birthday.  And when we came across a Rapunzel-type tower that you could actually climb, it was just the best thing in the world.  She dangled her plait through the bars of the window and yelled to her prince (me) below.

After a very action-packed day, that night, while I was putting her to bed, I went through all the things we had done; a smoked salmon breakfast, a picnic lunch in the grounds of a 'fairytale' castle, a visit to granny, party games, a birthday tea, and lots of presents.

I asked her what her favourite part of the day was, and she replied: 'Seeing my chickens.'  (Tom told me later that watching Rapunzel carefully carrying a chicken around the garden 'made him redefine cute'.)

And the fabulous personalised book I had got made for her: 'Dolly The Pirate Princess' lay unwanted and cast aside in the corner of her bedroom: 'I hate pirates Mum, why did you get me this?'

Living with Dolly, one has to develop a hard shell and have nerves of steel.

Our wonderful daughter Dolly, is a strong-willed, hilarious, generous, sometimes very naughty, and gorgeous, four-year-old.

Dolly, you continue to rock our world, and we love you so very very much.  Happy fourth birthday!


Expat mum said...

What a great photo. Totally get loving the Rapunzel braid. I remember as a child, cutting my mum's old tights into legs then sticking one on my head and pretending it was a long pony tail. Ew, - come to think about it, that sounds gross. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

If my Son grows up to be half as outspoken, innocently honest and as cute as your little girl is then I will be happy. You must be so proud!

Unknown said...

HI Expat Mum, ha ha, i did the same! I LOVED Rapunzel :)

Unknown said...

Hi littlejessieanne, what an absolutely lovely comment - thank you! x

Anonymous said...

Can't believe she's turned four! Where has time gone!!!

Such a lovely post. I imagine this birthday will be one that Dolly will tell her own children about one day.

CJ x

Unknown said...

Hi CJ, I know i cannot believe that my baby is four!! xx

nappy valley girl said...

It made me realise how long I've been reading your blog, too. I think I first got to know you when you were pregnant with Dolly. Many happy returns.

Unknown said...

Hi NVG oh yes i think you're right! Time goes fast! x

Metropolitan Mum said...

So funny - Lil L had a Rapunzel birthday, too! :-)
Happy belated 4th, dear Dolly!

Unknown said...

HI MM, how funny! Rapunzel must be the thing of the moment :) A big happy birthday to L xxxx