Friday, 29 April 2011

A wedding commentary

Through the eyes of a four year old:

  • I think the princess will be wearing pink with lots of pretty flowers around her head
  • I think the princess might be orange
  • Are we going to the wedding?
  • Would I have to wear white when I get married?
  • When is Daddy coming back with the Jaffa Cakes?
  • Is Westminster Abbey as big as our house?
  • I don't like those noisy people with flags
  • Is that the princess? [it was Carole Middleton]
  • I want to see the princess
  • Is that grandma on the telly?
  • Queens are not yellow Mummy
  • Is the princess arriving in one of those taxis?
  • Is the princess on that motorbike?
  • I wish I was getting married - I want to marry my sister
  • I really want a Jaffa Cake
  • Can I marry my Daddy as well?
  • And I want to marry you as well Mummy
  • What are those yellow things?
  • The princess is smiling and beautiful
  • I think the princess has got a bouquet of Buttercups
  • Is she holding the princess's dress so that it doesn't get dirty?
  • Is the prinesss married yet?
  • Why does that man keeping talking and ruining it? [the Bishop]
  • Is this what happened when you and Daddy got married?
  • Will the princess sit down?
  • I don't know that song, do you know that song Mummy?
  • Who is that man? [Elton John]
  • Is the princess's mummy singing?
  • Can I have another Jaffa Cake please?
  • Do you know mummy, I have been to a church before
  • I would now like to go to the palace in my Snow White dress
  • Your wedding dress was just like the princess's dress Mummy
  • What are they singing now? [her interest now waning]
  • Can I have pickled onions for lunch?
  • I am going to find Daddy


I'm So Fancy said...

Yay for Jaffa cakes. And orange princesses. :-)

Unknown said...

Yes,and i loved the bouquet of buttercups!

Jacq said...

She was right that Queens Hsouldn't be yellow. She looked like something off Sesame St.

Unknown said...

Hi Jacq, she thought the queen was her grandma!

Magento Themes said...

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Unknown said...

hi magento themes, thank you!

Metropolitan Mum said...

An orange princess? Mhm... The Only Way Is Essex springs to mind...

nappy valley girl said...

Love the comment about the Bishop! The boys managed to watch about 20 minutes of it; they enjoyed it but it was about as much as they could take. LB1 came down today to see my husband watching the highlights and said indignantly 'you're not watching that wedding AGAIN?'

Vera said...


Sparx said...

Pickled onions? She likes pickled onions? How advanced!!!!

Unknown said...

she takes after me - addicted to vinegar...

April O. said...

This is so priceless!!!!

I watched with my daughter (age 8), but we were up obscenely early in the States. She was completely taken with the whole thing. The online royal live stream was great; no commentaries so it was kind of like being there.

We sure do have wonderful memories now of eating homemade british fruitcake at 2:00 a.m. together!