Thursday, 23 August 2007

Bingo wing waves

Betty’s uncle was making aeroplane noises and flying her spoon through the air when he was feeding her the other day, and she got very angry and upset about it. In an attempt to cheer her up again, he started waving at her. To the amazement of Tom and me, she waved back at him. This was Betty’s very first wave. She then just waved and waved, and didn’t stop waving all day long. She waved at her daddy, at her toys, at the window, at the floor, at her toast, at the postman, she even managed a little wave at her toy penguin, whilst screaming in teething pain, in the middle of the night. This almost broke my heart - what a trooper.

When I wave at my darling daughter, instead of waving back at me, she becomes transfixed with my ‘bingo wing’ underarm flab wobbling around. She just stares at it, perplexed. Obviously the underside of my arm flapping around must be far more eye-catching than my hand manically moving around in front of her face.

My nine-month old baby has given me a complex. I have now started daily arm exercises using baked bean tins, in an attempt to tone up, and get Betty waving back at me.


She's like the wind said...

Love your posts, I can laugh now because I've been there and done that. Your post on poo was hilarious - sorry! when you need distraction, never mind the roll of sellotape, give Betty a piece of it, she will spend at least a few minutes taking it from one hand and realising it's stuck to the other! she may of course lose the plot after a while.

Bingo wings, try amusing her with them during nappy change. Of course you may have to get Tom to change the nappy as changing a nappy and waving bingo wings might just be too much


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Well, better to 'hear' it from Betty than someone else I guess! I saw on Richard and Judy a while ago that you can do an exercise where you lower and raise yourself into/our of a chair to get rid of bingo wings. Haven't tried it, but it seemed sensible enough and didn't involve a gym which is always good.

What a funny post, it has cheered up a boring morning at work! Thanks!

Frog in the Field said...

Wait till she starts talking, and drawing pictures of you in her school news book, that's when it gets really scarey!

Unknown said...

Hi sem, thanks for coming by - i love the sellotape idea, although am worried that she might get it stuck in her hair, which is already very long. oh sod it, i'll try it anyway. anything for a quiet life! Yes i don't think i could multi-task like that - changing nappy at same time as wobbling flab, god knows what a mess we'd get into!

Hi beccers, yes am lucky i've got betty to keep me in check, and i will defo try that chair trick!

Hi frog, you really made me laugh (and worry) with this comment!

Louise said...

Anna will only wave at the supermarket Cashier at Sainsburys! If anyone else waves at her and she just looks at you as though you have gone mad! Each week, I wonder what the cashier has got that I haven't. I am tempted to buy a till and sit in front of it!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Ooooh I suffer from this dreaded fatty deposit too. Perhaps this is why babies cry when I wave at them?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Love this post.
I have an award for you.
Come and collect it at: if you get chance.

P.s. Did I already write this?
If so, sorry, having a mad day.

If not, well the above comment is still true - obviously.

Unknown said...

HI Lou, how funny... i hope the cashier waves back?

Hi DJK, surely they don't cry?!

Hi Jo, thanks for coming by, and a huge thank you for the award! - what a lovely surprise! am very excited about it. I have found your blog now too yay!

Sparx said...

This made me laugh a lot!! I too have bingo wings - but I've been using the spud as a weight and lifting him up and down 10 times a day since he was born and I swear they are going down. The day he learned to wave I walked through Brixton market and he waved and went 'Aa aa aa' at everyone we passed. You'd be amazed how much this makes the dodgiest of people want to laugh and wave back.