Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Who ate all the tarts?

Betty thoroughly enjoyed her birthday knees-up on Sunday. She spent most of the time high-speed crawling around the room sneakily swiping jam tarts and fairy cakes from everyone's plates and shoveling them into her mouth like she hadn't eaten for a year. As well as stealing cakes, she also plucked a dummy right out of the mouth of a sleeping baby, which she callously discarded when she realised it wasn't edible.

Betty delighted in the big pink and red balloons, and the wrapping paper, and the candle on top of her birthday cake, and playing pass-the-parcel, and all the attention. She was very graceful and didn't mind the other babies playing with all her toys and trashing her playroom. She even turned a blind eye when a couple of pieces of her building blocks fell out of a toddler's pocket as he was picked up by his mum to leave. The mother looked mortified; the toddler looked gutted.

We had a champagne toast after we sung Happy Birthday, but unfortunately (or fortunately for me and Tom) everyone was either driving, teetotal, or underage, so after everyone had left, we went round knocking back all the untouched glasses of champers scattered around the room. My great aunt, our only remaining guest, watched on and gave me a pitiful look.

Everyone seemed to have a jolly old time though, and several mums were very complimentary. One mum even openly admitted that she was going to copy some of my ideas for her son’s impending first birthday. I looked at her modestly and said: ‘I’ve never had to organise a children’s party before, and had no idea what I was doing, do you really think it was OK?


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ahhhh, it sounds so lovely,and your cake stack is marvellous.
I know you will already have thought of this, but have you thought about approaching publishers with this as a book? I like your quirky writing...:-)

She's like the wind said...

I congratulate you on making the cakes, fantastic, sounds like you all had a great time, the other mums would be impressed. Home baking impresses everyone. Your daughter will be very proud in years to come. x

Amandeep said...

Wow!!! This sounds so much fun!! And your cake stand looks SO yummy!!! :-)
Betty is really lucky to have you!! She most certainly will be very proud of you!!
Great going Elsie! Do share more pictures from the party with us!!

Ladybird said...

I thought you would treat some of us, who couldnt attend the party, with a picture of Betty.

Anonymous said...

The cakes look lovely!

Sounds like you had a brilliant day. You should write up more about the party so when Betty's older she can read all about it.

Suffolkmum said...

Happy belated birthday to Betty! That first birthday is so special. Fab cake stack. And I loved your stories about the poor toddler nicking the bricks!

Louise said...

Great news about your party. So pleased that everyone had a good time.

Unknown said...

Hi Pig, I would love to but my blog doesn't really have an angle or a direction, it is just blah blah blah! Any ideas?!

HI SEM, thanks for coming by, and thank you very much for your kind comments.

Hi Amandeep and Ladybird, it takes me too long to upload them, you will have to make do with the cakes!

Hi Beccers, yes there is lots more I could have said. I hope Jeff wasn't upset with me because I didn't mention the amazing balloon modelling and the copious amounts of tea he very kindly made for everyone - he deserves a post all to himself!

Hi Suffolk Mum, thank you very much and a big happy birthday to your son too - hope your day was fun!

Hi Louise, thank you! yes we all had a lovely time. was pretty done in at the end though - it is hard work this party organising lark! But definitely worth it!

MummyMummyMum said...

Happy birthday to Betty! Your cake stand looks amazing!!