Saturday, 25 July 2009

My birthday

It was my 35th birthday yesterday, and we had a fantastic day.

My current tactic is to go out on day trips with very low expectations (ie. weather will be crap, children will cry and whinge etc) because that way I cannot be disappointed. Yesterday, however, was perfect. We went to a National Trust house and garden, and Betty, Dolly and Tom all behaved impeccably, and the weather was glorious. We had a delicious picnic, Betty delighted in the giant chess set (making up her own rules before abandoning it to go in pursuit of the playground) and Dolly either slept or watched on with her knowing (and slightly unnerving) stare.


kim said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had a perfect one!

Mamma Po said...

Happy B'day Elsie! So glad everyone behaved themselves on your special day - even the husband, that's always a treat!

cartside said...

Happy birthday! Lovely that all worked out so well and you were able to really enjoy it.

san said...

Happy Birthday!
I love that postcard, especially with the addition of Betty :-)

Who's the Mummy? said...

Ooh, that looks lovely!

I agree - when our days out are just us, a car, a picnic and a playground it tends to go really well.

When I've researched amazing activities, made complicated meeting up with friend plans and done anything like planning a route - disaster.

Impromptu definitely the way to go!

(and happy belated birthday!)