Saturday, 19 September 2009

For my mum

Tom bought a piano recently, having hankered after one ever since Betty was born. He was brought up with a piano, and is very modest, but can play amazingly well. I was also brought up with a piano in the house and tell everyone that I am a pianist (my late grandpa was after all), but I can actually only play Chopsticks very fast.

My mum’s middle name is Elise - my grandpa named her after Beethoven’s Fur Elise, so when she heard Tom playing this piece on our new piano she felt very emotional.

She was listening to Tom playing yesterday evening, and was even more touched when Betty walked into the room and specifically requested that Tom play Fur Elise. Betty then began dancing around the room singing ‘Fur Elise, Fur Elise’ while Tom played.

It was a very special moment for my mum, and a proud one for me.


Mamma Po said...

Love it. Hope you have been honing Betty's pronunciation of 'Fur' in Fur Elise, otherwise your mum might have been a tad perplexed at her chant for fur ellies. Also think a fast rendition of Chopsticks a most impressive personal achievement. Time for a post on You Tube so we can all have a listen?

Kelly Innes said...


Beccers said...

I assume Betty will be having lessons soon? She's definitely going to be a prodigy!