Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Unfinished symphonies

I feel like I have forgotten how to write, which is frustrating because I wanted to regale everyone with stories of frenzied Christmas preparations in the Button household.

Some rejected ideas for posts include:

A Button decade round-up - Tom said this was too personal as I talked about how we got together and came to have two little Buttons

We are a sickly bunch - Tom said this was too depressing

My new camera - Tom said this was too boring

I love christmas - Tom said this was too sentimental

Let it snow - Tom said this was too obvious

Birds, snot and tinsel - Tom said this was too 'try-hard'

The 'Play Dough' mum - I only got as far as the title on this one, but Tom said it could have potential.

So none of them have made it to the table, so to speak.

Instead I bid you all a very very very happy christmas and peaceful new year and leave you with a fern christmas tree picture which was foraged and arranged by Betty.

With lots of love from me, Tom, Betty and baby Dolly XXXX


Metropolitan Mum said...

Tom is such a killjoy. I would have loved the story of how the Buttons became the Button bunch.
Good to hear from you, I have started to worry. Have a lovely lovely Christmas you too, lots of presents, kisses, hugs and good food and hopefully a nice lie-in for Mummy.

xx MM

Kelly Innes said...

Me too. Or the Play dough one. I tried to make some today. It sucked. i blame the recipe.

Mamma Po said...

Wow. You have one seriously talented budding artist on your hands!!

I love the sound of all your potential posts. Don't listen to Tom (on this one)...what does he know?! ;-)

Am most curious now about what it means to be Play Dough Mum...

Louise said...

Wow!! Betty is talented! I think I may steal this idea for next year's Christmas cards! I would have loved to have read any of those posts, especially how the Buttons met! Is Betty really excited about Christmas???? It is lovely when they start to understand it all - really magical!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to reading all about your adventures in 2010.

Iota said...

Birds, snot and tinsel...

That one definitely has potential.

How is the potty training situation? Still problem-free?

Frog in the Field said...

Very funny!
Happy New Year!

Sparx said...

Between Betty's tree and her dinner plates I feel you may have an artist of some description on your hands. People would probably pay money to have that tree on their cards... heck, she could pay her own way if you get her started soon enough! Love it and BTW why is Tom allowed to triage your posts? The Frog makes those sort of comments afterwards but I always ignore him (while being secretly gutted). Tut tut.

Beccers said...

definitely the snot one...

love the pic, but surely Mummy's had a hand in that?

Happy New Year to all of you x


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Killjoy Tom, is he your editor? Ooo, I mis-typed editor and it came out something like 'idiot'. No offence Tom ;-)

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