Thursday, 4 March 2010

Friend medley

Betty has a growing army of imaginary friends. Tom said he lay awake in bed last night trying to spell their names, which in a couple of cases he has said is pretty much impossible. This is the best he could come up with:

Bah-bh’-bhar, Eyeguy, Row and Baby.

Bah-bh’-bhar seems to be her favourite and apparently lives in her bedroom curtains. He talks with a deep voice and she often has fascinating conversations with him in the middle of the night, heard by us on the baby monitor.

Row is her least favourite. He lives in the wall next to her bed and makes noises at night time. He seems to have monster-like tendencies, and he frightens her a little bit.

Eyeguy often gets the blame for things that Betty has done. For example, Betty poked me in the arm rather hard the other day and when I said ‘OW that really hurt’ Betty said ‘It wasn’t me it was Eyeguy’.

And as for Baby – there doesn’t seem to be a distinction between Betty and Baby – they are the same person it seems. And it seems to be her way of speaking about herself in the third person. For example, she’ll say ‘Baby doesn’t like tomatoes’ or ‘Baby would like lots of sweets’ or ‘Baby has just fallen over’.

It often gets very confusing and difficult to follow when there is a five way conversation going on, specially when four of the five people are imaginary.


Not From Lapland said...

christ, i have a hard enough time keeping up with just my two real ones that i can actually see!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Have you read the book 'If you could see me now'? It's a fascinating story from told from the eyes of the imaginative one.
I never had imaginative friends. I am trying to make up for it today and have lots of online friends.
xx MM

Iota said...

So you have virtual friends and she has imaginary friends. Sounds about right.

You could sing her that fab Motown song:

Nothing you can do could make me untrue to Eyeguy (Eyeguy)
Nothing you can say could tear me away from Eyeguy-uy-uy-uy
He may not be a movie star
But when it comes to being happy
We are... etc

And I'm glad Tom has such an exciting time in bed at night.

Victoria said...

I feel sorry for eyeguy, always getting the blame. Poor chap.

Beccers said...

A friend of mine had an imaginary friend called Abu Babu. I was never quite creative enough to come up with any of my own!

Sparx said...

I'm quite envious, it's a sign, apparently, of advanced intelligence to have imaginary friends. I had a few when I was young but sadly they were not any such sign, they were just my favourite characters from TV and thus I populated my tea parties with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Sad. It's always been clear that Betty is a smart one.