Saturday, 29 May 2010

Down the local

We live in the back of beyond, with hardly any other houses, and certainly no shops, for miles around. So imagine our sheer joy when an old country pub, which hasn't been in use for at least 20 years, was resurrected, and we are the closest house to it!

The grand opening was on Thursday and last night I casually said to Tom 'fancy a pint down the local?' (something we haven't been able to say since our London days). My mum babysat, and so off we went. We met lots of our good pals in there and bumped into locals that we never see and had a good old catch up, and there was just a general feeling of real community excitement.

I am bashing this frankly boring non-post out from the comfort of my bed on my new, rather sleek Netbook. I am hoping that my new toy will encourage me to become more prolific in my blogging and comment-making.

Being in the pub last night meant that I missed Eastenders (a 'DOM DOM DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAAAAAAAHHHH....' Friday night spectacular what's more) but i was able to come home and watch it on my Netbook in bed - I am a happy lady, Tom is slightly less happy.

PS on a different note, I am worried that Betty is going to run off and join the circus.

PPS my baby Dolly now wears shoes, as of today. I cannot believe it.

Night night


Iota said...

You're really bucking the national trend there, aren't you? I keep reading articles about how many pubs have closed in recent years in Britain.

Is it called "The Fairies and Cakes"? That would be a good pub name.

Metropolitan Mum said...

This is it, the end of your rural quiet life. Next will be a post office, a local newsagent, a grocery shop and then there will be the circus coming along and then it's bye bye Betty ;)

Beccers said...

lol @ metropolitan mum