Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dear Melissa

When you found me sleep-walking along the corridor of the maternity ward last Tuesday, you put your arm around me, and asked if i was from the antenatal or postnatal ward. I was a little taken aback. Actually I cried.

I appreciate that my stomach protrudes far more than it did pre children and my muscle tone is now virtually non-existent, but do I really look nine months pregnant? I appreciate that you are a student midwife, but even so, nine months?

Anyway, since that little chat we had in the side-room where you helpfully sat me down, gave me a glass of water and asked where my green notes were, and I tried in vain to convince you that I was there looking after a labouring friend, I have been living on a diet of nuts and grapes and my Twirl intake is at an all time low.

If I ever get back down to a svelte size 10 I will know who to thank.

Best of luck with the rest of your midwifery training.

Kind regards

E Button


sadie said...

oh crikey. Is it wrong that I am laughing so much that I very nearly wet myself?!



truly scrumptious said...

Oh no! If I weren't more convinced of our own weakness I'd suggest we both run a mini-marathon:)
We'll always be slightly happier eating a marathon and it's only right that the world is full of all sorts...liquorice?

Jayne said...

Love your story as so funny thanks you made my day !

Beccers said...

oh no! Poor you! Still, a twirl addiction is a dangerous thing... can you face going cold turkey?

LisaTalkingTots said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens!! :-)

Cari Rosen (aka @cazroz) said...

I am so glad it's not just me! Great post. @cazroz