Monday, 9 August 2010

Play talk

At the playground:

Me: Go on, off you go and play, and stop nagging me for food

Betty runs off towards an older child on the slide

Betty: Hello, I'm Betty and I am three and a half. I love olives. I am wearing Crocs. You are wearing pumps, and they are green. Do you like my Crocs? I don't like your pumps. Shall we be friends?

Betty tries to take older child's hand.

Betty: Ok, we don't have to hold hands. Come on lets run over to the swings and lie on them on our tummies and spin around. I don't like your pumps. But I like your funny socks.

Dolly: Da daaaa.

Betty: Look that's my baby sister, she is called Dolly Pasta [she's not], because she loves pasta, and she is one and a half. Do you want to look at her?

Betty and older child stand over Dolly

Dolly: Grrrrrr

Dolly toddles off towards the rubbish bin.

Betty: Have you got any other shoes at home?


Betty: I think your pumps are quite nice really. Come on, let's run over there and be friends.

(Not a word came out of the older child's mouth for the duration)

In the car on the way home:

Betty: Mummy, did you like that big girl's pumps?


Unknown said...

We are off on our camping expedition today - leaving as soon as the other three Buttons wake up. Outside the sky is a bright blue through the bedroom window, and a stormy black through the bathroom window...

See you soon (maybe in two days, maybe in two weeks...) x

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Rosemary has always talked to other children and so often they completely ignore her. It was such a relief when she started nursery school and had children to play with and talk to and who would actually listen to her. It's so weird when other children don't respond, though. I feel like going up to them and asking why they're being mean (don't, of course!).

We should get Betty and Rosemary together; they probably wouldn't listen to each other at all, but I'm sure there wouldn't be any silence!

Have a fantastic camping trip.

TheOnlineStylist said...

Clearly Betty has been reading my blog - the girl's all about the shoes!! xx

Beccers said...

that's really funny. I can't remember having opinions about things like that til I got older, but probably we all do. Hope she didn't mind the lack of response too much!

notsuchayummymummy said...

That's so cute! Sam talks to lots of children whereever he goes & it's rare that anyone talks back to him - so sad. He needs a Betty to play with :)

Pig in the Kitchen said...

If you set that sequence to a discordant, horror movie-type sound track, Betty would sound really, REALLY scary...

How is camping? It's good that you're having such a lovely heatwave for it.

Hope you found a B&B. Pig x

Maxabella said...

Ah, gorgeous! You had me at 'stop nagging me for food' LOL.

I popped over here from Sticky Finger's blog and I'm really glad I did. It's lovely here. x

NVT said...

So the shoe obsession can start as early as 3! Scary