Friday, 24 September 2010


I have mentioned before how Betty and Dolly fight like chickens, over anything and everything, be it an old water bottle top, a stickle brick pig, an empty juice carton, or Tom's attentions. However, I wanted to write a little bit about how, when they are not brawling or yelling at each other, they are really lovely together.

Like when they chase each other around the house , or when they bounce on the sofa or hide in cupboards and under beds together, or tear around the garden on their tractors and trikes - all of which is carried out with hysterical laughter and squeals. They sing and dance and bash musical instruments and clap together. And sometimes they even sit quietly and play with stickle bricks or lego together, albeit for very short periods of time, before a punch-up breaks out.

If Betty really hurts herself it is normally Dolly she will go to for a cuddle,and Dolly often (not always) obliges. And sometimes Dolly will go to a wailing Betty first, pat Betty's arm, and give her a soothing look, and say 'dah?' And through her tears Betty will smile and nod her head at Dolly and say 'dah'. Then Dolly will stomp off (not annoyed, it's just the way she walks) and look for something to climb.

They also have a special language that they use for each other. This normally consists of them bellowing 'HIYA' at each other. Often Dolly will babble something incomprehensible and I will say to Betty: 'What did Dolly just say?' and Betty will tell me: 'Dolly says she wants to go for a walk to the river'. I listen to them through the baby monitor in the mornings and the conversation usually goes something like this:

Betty: Morning Dolly, did you sleep well?

Dolly: Yeah. Bamatatramaaa.

Betty: What did you just say?

Dolly: Bamatatramaaa.

Betty: Do you mean you would like your milk?

Dolly: Yeah.

Betty: Ok

Dolly: Mantbutadeeeedooda

Betty: Yes Dolly, well done

The most heartwarming thing to observe is that they really make each other laugh. One of them will do something silly just to make the other one laugh, and this happens several times a day. Like putting napkins or plates on the top of heads, or putting raspberries or olives on the tips of fingers, or putting mummy's sunglasses on upside down. They are so slap-stick my children.

And most importantly, they genuinely seem to care about each other, and look out for one another. Betty gets upset if Dolly gets a telling off and vice versa. And Betty really sticks up for Dolly if another child pushes her or snatches from her (only Betty is allowed that privilege).

I am under no illusions, most of the time it is fighting, but not always...


Jen Walshaw said...

My boys fight terribly, but they also love each other with such ferrosity it can be scarey. Long may it continue

solveig said...

I love the sibling relationship - mine do fight loads of course, but they also play together amazingly well and also do that trying to make each laugh thing. It's heartwarming to say the least!

S x

Unknown said...

hi the mad house, i find the love they demonstrate so reassuring and amazing - as you say, long may it continue!

Hi solveig, yes the making each other laugh thing is wonderful, almost magical to watch (without sounding soppy)

Unknown said...

Awww.. As fearful as I am about a sibling coming along one day , I really cant wait to see that sibling relationship with my own eyes! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Emma, yes I was fearful too, but it is all worth it in the end - so wonderful!

nappy valley girl said...

That is very sweet. The Littleboys are the same - fight like tooth and nail, but love each other madly. They have taken to playing a new game where LB2 is LB's "baby" and gets looked after -makes my heart melt!

Unknown said...

Hi nappy valley, their new game sounds great - you will have to see how long you can get them to continue with it - you are onto a winner with that one!

Anonymous said...

With Amy being an only child I don't really know
What she would be like if she had a sibling.
I remember having cross words with my sister
When we were little but we have a good
Relationship now.

CJ xx

Unknown said...

Hi CJ, that is very reassuring to know! great to see you again! xx