Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Doctors and nurses

Betty's doctor's kit has been getting an airing recently, and she has spent many a happy hour fixing us all.

Betty to me:

'What have you hurt? Your ankle? Did you hurt your ankle in the desert or the woods? Is it the ankle on your arm or your foot? Did you fall over, or get a splinter from a tree? Right, take Calpol tonight and when you wake up. Stick this in your mouth and bite it [a thermometer] it will make you much better. I just need to count your teeth before you go. You have nine teeth, that is great. That's lovely, thank you - can you go home now please - go on off you go. N-E-X-T'.

Tom has also been treated by Dr Betty. They spoke intently for a while as Betty took Tom through the diagnosis: He had been doing Tai Chi balanced on the side of a boat and fallen into the sea, where 100 crabs had attacked him on the head and the knees.  Apparently Betty had treated his knees but said that his head would take a while longer to heal up.

Meanwhile 'Nurse Dolly', who was supposed to be assisting the doctor, was wandering around with an unidentified piece of furniture that looked like it had been ripped off a chair, and was bashing it against anything in her path.


Irene said...

That's hilarious. Nurse Dolly was causing the injuries that Doctor Betty was treating, I gather.

I'm glad you still have nine teeth. That ought to be enough to eat your supper with. Unless they are all at the top.

You didn't say if she charged a lot of money for these consultations. Is she in private practice?

Unknown said...

Hi Nora, yes i thought nine teeth was rather good going! No money has been requested so far... it's only a matter of time i am sure!

Nel said...

I wonder if Dolly is a future orthopaedic surgeon in the making... they have to be quite forceful in their work!

Unknown said...

Hi Nel, ha ha yes maybe!

mummymummymum said...

Brilliant. Mine love their doctors kit too. I have to say mmmmmm after the 'yucky medicine' :-).

Fantastic that you have 9 teeth! x

Sparx said...

Hm; I'm convinced I commented on this post - I believed I asked about the condition of the ankle you have on your arm... humph.

Unknown said...

Hi Mummy Mum, yes, and the having the grubby plastic thermometer shoved into your mouth!

Hi Sparx, that's weird about the comment? Arm ankle is a serious medical term, don't you know?

Unknown said...

Never heard of this company before, just had a nosey at their stuff :P I love this lamp :D x

Unknown said...

Hi mum2alesha, i will put you in the draw! x