Friday, 5 October 2012

My children substituted for trees

Picture taken on my bike ride to buy wine
Last weekend Tom took Betty and Dolly to see the in-laws.

This meant that for the first time ever, I was on my own, at home, all weekend long (you can read more here).

I was positively thrilled at the prospect of having a bit of peace and quiet and not having to wipe floors, pick things up, cook,  and wash-up (I only used one plate all weekend).

But it turns out, that after watching a few too many repeats of Will and Grace, and drinking copious amounts of tea, by 10am I really missed my family, and was thoroughly bored.

To alleviate the boredom, I decided to go on a virtuous bike ride, on Tom's electric bike, to buy a bottle of wine (for later) from the shop three miles away.

I have never dared go on this electric bike before - it has always scared the hell out of me.  But it was incredible, and I was particularly pleased that I was able to escape at lightning speed from a dog who normally bites my ankles as I ride past on my ordinary bike.  This made me feel extremely smug.

And without my children around to photograph,  I had to stop many times on the bike to take photos of trees instead.


Only Best For Baby said...

I know what you mean! You look forward to time alone and then you don't know what to do and the house seems so quiet!!!

Beautiful picture of the countryside.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same, after an hour, I phone my hubby and say, what time do you think you will all be home! x

Andrea Mynard said...

Just read a few of your blogs and really enjoy your fab mix of humour, honesty and fun. Totally know what you mean re time to yourself - you look forward to it then miss them immediately.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Hmmm, an electric bike??? I can only think of snarky comments :-)

and being alone sans enfants does get a bit weird. I end up cleaning which is clearly ridiculous. Next time, go to a spa hotel with girlfriends!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful photograph. Those times without the kids and husband are to be treasured, but I'm like you, I start twiddling my thumbs after a while and wonder 'what next?'

CJ x

Unknown said...

What a stunning shot of the tree you've got there. I know it won't ever replace your children. They may be rascals and a pain the ass sometimes but you know you'll forever miss them.
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