Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year, new me!

Christmas is over for another year.

No more feeling obliged to eat cheese and Christmas pudding til you feel like you are actually going to explode; no more over-excited kids all hyped up on chocolate Father Christmases and jelly beans; and no more maulting Christmas trees and dog-eared cards littering the shelves.

Feeling ready to take on 2013, this is what I have done so far, in an attempt to strive for a better, more glamorous me:

I have bought myself a new scarf (and from John Lewis, not Primark, what's more).

I have downloaded a ‘Lose Weight Now’ hypnosis app.  The session is only 60 minutes long but I have yet to get to the end of it – I am normally asleep within ten minutes of turning it on.  I am a bit in love with the hypnotist’s East London voice - think Alfie Moon.  One reviewer of this app complained that he sounded like a fishmonger.  Well, what the heck is wrong with that?

I am currently doing a liver cleanse programme – which includes taking pills, and eating lots of walnuts and beetroot, washed down with freshly squeezed lemon juice.  This makes me wee a heck of a lot, which also makes me feel like I am losing weight.

I have treated myself to my favourite perfume – the last time I treated myself to this was over ten years ago, and I got the last squirt out of it this morning.  Does perfume have a shelf life I wonder.

In addition to all of this, I am going to go blonde, shave my legs more often, learn Spanish, abstain from crisp and Dairylea sandwiches, and stop writing inane status updates on Facebook.

Oh, and lose a stone of course.

Happy New Year everyone!


Catherine said...

Well good luck with all that Elsie. I have a stone to lose by the end of March - my son's wedding! Can I do it I wonder?

Adam Share said...

This blog made me laugh. I am just trying to think what a fishmonger sounds like?
It sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady this year. I enjoy making New Years resolutions just to see how long I can last, I have never made it through the year!! I think that if you know and are honest about your own strengths and weaknesses you stand a much better chance of success. Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year

Elsie Button said...

Hi marianne, yes you can do it, you can! Would you like the name of the fishmonger hypnotherapist?!

Elsie Button said...

Hi Adam, i never make it to the end of jan with my resolutions, but this year will be different, it will, it will! Happy new year to you!

sadie said...

I really should shave my legs more. Actually, scrap that, I really should shave my legs!

I have given up on making proper resolutions, instead I just write out what is effectively a big old shopping list on things I want to buy throughout the year. Much more fun!

Yes, perfume has a shelf life. It'll tell you when it goes off, usually darkens in colour and the smell changes .. not for the better. However, keep it cool (not cold), out of sunlight and direct heat, and it should be fine.

Used to work in perfume. Not literally. Selling it. Bit of a passion :O)

good luck with the New You!

Anonymous said...

Got a fair bit to do there!!

I don't think perfume does have a shelf life though I'm probably wrong. I have perfume that my dad bought me (he passed away in 2001) and it's still beautiful.

CJ x