Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tom's homemade soups: the bane of my life

Before I go into a rant, I should point out that Tom is an amazing cook, and creates all sorts of wonderful, mainly mince-based, delights.

But unfortunately, he does have a bit of a soup-making fetish. And when I hear the words: “I think I’ll just go and make a nice soup” my heart sinks. 

These are the reasons why: 
  • His concoctions usually involve using anything and EVERYTHING he finds in the fridge – normally vital ingredients I have ear-marked for other meals. Nothing is safe.
  • He somehow manages to leave splat soup-matter (from where he has used the hand-held blender) over every single wall, surface, and floor, but is adamant that the splats don’t exist, and that it’s all in my head. 
  • Large vessels of soups then take up all the space in the fridge, leaving no room for anything else. (Although at this point there isn’t anything else because it is now all in the soups). 
  • Our children don’t even like soup, so this means I make daily trips to the shops to replenish stocks so that I am able to make them a non-soup meal. 
  • I am often not able to stomach his ‘creative’ combinations. 
  • Tom and I disagree on what the consistency of a soup should be. He likes very watery, and I like a consistency not that dissimilar to that of baby purees. 
  • So sadly, I don’t like his soups either. 
  • Even he admits that sometimes his soups taste pretty foul. 
  • Still doesn’t stop him though. 
Having said all this, he does make a pretty mean mushroom soup (I had to add this in, to save his feelings).


Irene said...

I hope he soon gets over this need to make soups and that he realizes that he should stick to making other kinds of foods that he is better at. Can you not praise him lavishly for that?

Iota said...

Ha! A kindred soul. When I don't know what to do, I make soup. They are usually dark greeny brown in colour, and taste like a compost heap. I love them, and they are sooooo healthy.

Expat mum said...

I'm laughing my head off at this because I love to make soup. I do however, follow a recipe (or thereabouts) most of the time so they come out quite well. My husband loves them but the kids don't care for them..

But my husband makes chillis and spag bols till we have no room in the fridge for anything else. Rather than using all my ingredients, he goes out and buys MORE food, so we have gallons of his stuff plus all the stuff I bought for the week. And our freezer isn't even that big.

But he's definitely the one who makes the mess. Crusty stuff all over the cooker and bench. Grrr.

truly scrumptious said...

I think Tom sounds great! I am a big soup fan, although not the watery kind so much. And think if it snowed, you could live on soup for days - the girls would come round in the end. Better soup than cake.

AliBlahBlah said...

I got a hand held blender for Christmas which I love and I'm sure my husband can commiserate with you because now everything I cook is blended to baby food. I even pureed a nice chicken tortilla soup the other day just to see what the texture would be like (pureed meat = bad). You should borrow one of those Seinfeld t-shirts "no soup for you!" or "soup nazi" that might get your point across!

Jeff said...

Tom makes good soup.