Sunday, 21 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

This year Betty has spent all her spare time cradling Pecky, and declared that chicken could never again be eaten in the house; Elsie had her leg broken by an irate cockerel; Tom was traumatised to discover a drowned hen floating in its outsized water bowl; and Dolly was pecked on the hand, and so ate a chicken nugget in protest.

With thanks to Postsnap for producing our personalised card.  The app is clear and simple to use and there are many different styles and designs to choose from for every occasion.

Happy Christmas everyone! xxxx


nappy valley girl said...

Happy Christmas to you Elsie! Hope 2015 is free of chicken trauma! x

Iota said...

Happy Christmas!

On the theme, I'm feeding a lone chicken for a neighbour over Christmas. It wasn't lone till this week, when a stoat got the others. But this one was the bully of the coop, and used to peck the others (maybe she then hid behind them when the stoat came). Her name? Victoria Peckham.

Unknown said...

Thank you both! Hope had wonderful Christmases xxx

Unknown said...

Victoria Peckham - that has really made me laugh!

Unknown said...

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