Sunday, 26 July 2009

Embarrassing moment

We had a grueling few days last week. Betty has had hand, foot and mouth disease and has been very out of sorts and unwell with it. On Thursday however, she seemed to be over the worst and desperate to get out of the house (having not left it for days), I took Betty to the playground.

At the slide there was a little girl having a tantrum because she didn't want to leave, and as she was being carried past us by her fraught mum, Betty started mimicking the girl's cry loudly, in a very take-the-piss kind of way. It was really really embarrassing. That's when I knew that she was better.


san said...

Glad she's better. Did the other child stop crying?

Mamma Po said...

My little chap does that too. All. The. Time. And it doesn't have to be human noise either. The squeak of a rusty gate, the clank of the chain ferry or the sound of Husband belching are all simply different sounds allocated by nature for him to copy. I think perhaps he was a minah bird in a past life.

Am hoping they grow out of it.

Liz mcnamara said...

Sounds familiar the tantrum being taken away.....can't wait for my little boy Kian to get to the mimicking stage,