Friday 21 August 2009

Growing up

Last night I told Betty off after she persistently refused to get undressed for her bath. I was tired and hungry, Betty was tired and pushing boundaries.

Having given her one last chance, I pulled the plug and let the water out of her bath and abolished her bedtime treat which is normally a sweetie of some sort.

I hastily put her pyjamas on and in my cross voice told her to get into bed immediately, which she did without hesitation. As I put the duvet over her she looked at me and said ‘I want a bath mummy’. I could see her little eyes welling up as she held back the tears –something I have never ever seen her do before. Usually she will either cry or whinge if she doesn’t get what she wants.

My heart felt like it was breaking. She suddenly seemed so grown up and vulnerable and self-aware, and not the toddler she has been up until now.

And when I thought my heart couldn’t be pulled anymore, still fighting back her tears she said: ‘I'm sorry I was naughty mummy. Can you get into bed with me?’


Louise said...

I was welling up just reading this!!!! They are at such a gorgeous age right now aren't they.

Iota said...

And did you?

PippaD said...

I hate when Top Ender and Baby Boy use the Sad eyes on me! Don't they know I invented those?

Elsie Button said...

Hi Louise, yes it is a truly wonderful age! It is fascinating watching them pick up a million different things on a daily basis - mind-blowing!

Hi Iota - yes i did - i could never have left her on bad terms. so we then had a very grown up chat about it, and then lots of kisses and cuddles.

Hi PippaD - thanks for visiting!

Frog in the Field said...

Oh Elsie this is just the beginning, she'll still be doing it when she's 10.
Mine sonetimes incense me at bedtime and yet once they're in bed and looking snuggly and cute, you'll forgive them everything!
(it's the same with Darling Husband!)

sew hot said...

WOW! You found the right punishment for the crime. It should end with a clean slate every night and lots of love. I have a little tear. Give her a squish for me.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

ohhh, sweet betty,it's so bloody tough being a mother...!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

They do know how to push our "buttons" don't they?

She sounds like such a doll.

Beccers said...

what a lovely post, i can totally feel what you felt, poor little betty. Glad it ended with kisses and cuddles!