Monday, 27 September 2010

Fairy magic

'I just saw Tinkerbell flying through the sky' Betty says to me, barely being able to contain her excitment, at 2.30am. 'And she sprinkled fairy dust on my sweets!' she says.

We are all about the fairies in the Button household at the moment, and I am thrilled about it. When I was pregnant with Betty, it is exactly this age of fantasy that I most looked forward to.

Now I get to relive the magic of my own childhood, and watch as Betty becomes completely enchanted by moonlit fairy parties on the beach, where they dance around a sea onion (long story) in the stone circle that Betty made for them; and they put the pretty flowers and seaweed in their hair that Betty has left for them; and they use the little shells as chairs, and ride on seahorses; and sing and laugh and fly and drink Ribena.

Betty wakes up in the morning and says to me: 'Did the fairies have their moonlit party mummy?' 'Yes' I say, 'and they loved the onion you left for them'. 'What colour is their hair?' This is the question that occupies Betty's mind most of the time.

After a lengthy chat about the various different colours of fairy hair, she says 'where are the fairies now?' 'They have gone back to Fairyland' I tell her. 'Did they go back to Fairyland on the ferry?'


It's a Mummys Life said...

I love the fairies too. Eliza is actually a princess (not a fairy Mummy) but we regularly go to the magic fairy wood where the fairies leave their fur coats on the branches of the trees. This was clearly something I once said to her that has stuck. Girls are great aren't they? x

sadie said...

ooh, you need to get some fairy doors for your garden. We got some a couple of years ago, they're only small and hook onto a fence (or wherever you want them). I think they came from Scotts of Stow, but I can't be sure.

quick search later. Yes they are from Scotts.

They are small and look really sweet with ivy growing around them. We've got them at the bottom of the garden, and have a few little stepping stones leading up to them. I'll take a photo today and upload it to my Flickr account, they look so cute. Little One quietly goes up to them to see if the fairies are about :o)

We're going through the Tinkerbell/Barbie stage at the moment, and I totally love it too!
:o) xx

Unknown said...

hi mummy's life, all things fairies is great isn't it! - you can totally immerse yourself in the fantasy, just magic! x

Hi Sadie, wow thanks for the link, what a lovely idea! would love to see the photo... and the stepping stones is a lovely touch! x

Jen Walshaw said...

Oh I wish we had fairies instead I have monsters, bugs and slime!

Little Red Hen said...

I could not convince Girl that we had fairies in our garden. I tried with mushrooms (fairy houses) and a little fairy statue but she remained an unbeliever much to my disappointment. I'm having better luck with boy who puts the gnome on guard at the fairy door.

solveig said...

I love fairies too!

Freyja lost one of her fairies in the pub after school on Friday and has been consoled by me telling her that she has now become the 'pub fairy'.

And my mum and dad always hide fairies in their garden before Freyja goes to stay and they all go and hunt for them.

Fairies are magical!

Unknown said...

Hi the mad house, boys can be into fairies too! - read little red hen's comment!

Hi little red hen, that is so sweet about your boy and the gnome!

Hi solveig, this was such a funny line 'Freyja lost one of her fairies in the pub' ! But of course you are right, there has to be a pub fairy!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Haha. Although as a foreigner with a slight tendency towards dyslexia, I do NOT find that funny :)

Beccers said...

So cute!

Victoria said...

I would like to live in Betty's world. Simple as that!

Janet said...

oh I love the fairies! I have a 7 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl and our fairies are not exclusively 'girly'. They are more about the magic dust, and this place - where we stayed over the summer for a few nights. There were all sorts of faeries there!!