Thursday, 18 November 2010

Betty is four today!

For her birthday post last year I wrote about Betty's disappearing babyness. Well it's all gone now and I no longer look at her and cling to any remaining baby traits she might have. Instead I look at her and think 'Is she really only four?'

She knows every little road, T-junction, house, bend, within a 50 mile radius of our house. If I accidentally take a wrong turn, I don't know, say 35 miles away, whilst visiting her great grandmother, she is on it, before I am. 'Mummy stop the car, and turn around, you have got us lost again.'

She often points out to Tom or me, that what we are wearing 'looks terrible'. She then rifles through our wardrobe, tutting and shaking her head, and picks out a better contender to go with Tom's brown trousers, or my purple skirt. And the scary thing is she is always right.

She is obsessed with tights. If she is being naughty, I use the 'if you don't stop doing that you will not be allowed to wear tights tomorrow' line, and it works a treat, every time.

She loves to build dens, or rather 'nests' out of cushions and blankets and bean bags and chairs or whatever else she can find. I'm almost certain that she was either a bird in a former life (the way she pieces soft furnishings together is quite extraordinary) or she will become a builder in adulthood.

She now goes to ballet lessons and absolutely loves it. Before her first lesson I told her that she had to do what the ballet teacher told her, and that way she would become a ballerina. Betty told me 'But mummy, what can the teacher show me that I don't already know?'

She loves to write out all the letters of the alphabet, and can write her own name unaided, and she will often nag me to get out her writing books so that she can practice. Her artwork is also pretty mindblowing, as is her dancing and singing and sense of rhythm. (Yes, I am blowing my own daughter's trumpet, but it's her birthday, so I'm allowed.)

Tom and I visited the school that she will be attending next year, and met with the head teacher. We were introduced to her future teacher and shown her classroom. The words 'Betty' and 'school' make me want to shout 'NOOOOO' and sob into my pillow.

Betty is growing up unnervingly fast.

Happy Birthday my darling, gorgeous, funny girl - I hope your day is filled with fun and happiness. And I hope your hedgehog cake, party, and presents, all live up to your expectations.

Your mummy and your daddy and your little sister all love you very very much.


Kelly Innes said...

Happy Birthday little Big Girl!

Jen Walshaw said...

She sounds just divine, ver precouciious, but then shouldnt all 4 year old girls be like this?

Maternal Tales said...

Happy Birthday Betty. You're very, very clever. Edie is 4 today too, but she can only write the first letter of her name!!! I blame it on her being a second child! Hope you have a fab day xxx

nappy valley girl said...

Happy Birthday Betty!
She is just a few weeks older than Littleboy 2. No ballet for him, but we have started ice skating lessons! Have a great day.

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Betty. Hope you have had a wonderful day. It is so scary how quickly they have grown up! 4 years ago today, we were both sat in a hospital having just become Mothers for the first time! Now we are about to wave them off Goodbye as they enter school (I am off to do some more sobbing!)

Iota said...

Tights. Now she's just showing off.

sadie said...

Happy Birthday! Ok, a little late, but HB nevertheless!

Or happy, happy, happy, happy, birthday to you, have a happy day today. Everybody here wishes you a happy birthday, have a happy day today-ay.

Got to stop watching Cbeebies!

My Girly Girl starts school next year too. I also want to scream NOOOOOOOOOOO not yet.

My little one also likes to build things with blankets and pillows, she usually calls them her tents but they never look very tent like to me.
She will wear tights, but Dear God if I try to get her in a cardigan you'd think I was trying to stick needles in her eyes. She knows what she likes, and it's not cardis and warm clothing. Honestly, you'd think we were in midsummer to see her naked tootie toes and sleeves pushed up. She also seems a lot older than 4 at times.

As for previous post. Oh you are such a tonic. I've been having a real fat and ugly week, someone in our house has swapped our normal mirrors for funfair ones, I'm sure of it. I can't possibly look THAT bad!!!!
So to read about you being insulted in a very 'Miranda' sounding manner has made me laugh so much that I feel much better. Not that it was funny for you I'm sure, but you write it so well :o)

Have a lovely weekend

Sadie x