Sunday, 28 November 2010


This was a conversation between me and Betty, at 3am the other night:

Betty:  Mummy, tomorrow I would really like to go on a picnic with you, Daddy, and Dolly, and Alfie and Rachel [her friends], to the desert.

Me: That sounds lovely my darling, now go to sleep.

Betty:  So can we go on a picnic to the desert tomorrow Mummy?

Me:  No.  Go to sleep.

Betty:  Why No?

Me:  Because the desert is a very very very very long way away in a very far away country.

Betty:  But mummy I really don't mind sitting in the car for a long time to get there.  I was a good girl in the car all the way to London...

Me:  London is just down the road, the desert is a very long way away.

Betty:  But I love the desert.  What is it made out of?

Me:  Sand.

Betty:  What is sand made out of?

Me:  Rocks

Betty:  You said the moon was made from rocks the other day.  Why is everything made from rocks Mummy?

Me:  It's not.

Betty:  Are there rocks in the desert?

Me:  No.

Betty:  But you said that sand was made from rocks?  And that the desert was made from sand.

Me:  Yes.

Betty:  Do you like rocks Mummy?

Me:  Not particularly

Betty:  So you don't like sand then, and going to the beach?

Me:  I didn't say that.  Go to sleep.

Betty:  And you don't like the beautiful moon?

Me:  Yes I do like the moon.

Betty:  But you don't like rocks.  Have you changed your mind?

Me:  Yes, I love rocks.

Betty:  I love rocks too.  Can we go on a picnic to the desert tomorrow Mummy?


Irene said...

Oh boy, you're in a lot of trouble now.

Jen Walshaw said...

And so it starts. We told mini that if he wasnt a good boy, we would be having a chat with Father Christmas, to which he reply "what does he sound like?"

Carrie said...

Looks like you need to pack-in a lot of patience, smart kids=)

Elsie Button said...

Hi Nora, yep - trying but fascinating conversations - i love it!

Hi The Mad House, this age is so brilliant - constant entertainment (altho could do without it at 3am)

Hi Carrie, smart kids indeed - they never cease to amaze me!

Helen@Leather baby shoes said...

I bet you can't wait until she's a teenager! She'll tie you up in knots!

Beccers said...

This is brilliant. My husband always claims he has run rings around me logically and that's definitely what Betty's getting good at!

Florist said...

haha never ending questions.

Love from international flower delivery :)