Saturday, 11 December 2010

The do's and don'ts for a fourth birthday party

  • Do not go into meltdown when your child casually drops a bombshell, the night before her birthday party, following three months of meticulous preparation, by informing you she would ‘really really love’ a Peppa Pig theme.

  • Do bake the jam tarts, fairy cakes, chocolate brownies etc. at least two days before the party and then hide them away in an air-tight box. Slightly stale homemade cakes are more impressive than shop-bought ones. Alternatively, drop the supermum/domestic goddess routine and buy a load of cakes from the supermarket.

  • Do not think, after a couple of glasses of wine, that it is a good idea to eat your way through the aforementioned box of cakes during a particularly grueling episode of Eastenders. You will feel a particularly acute type of guilt in the morning.

  • Do hide away anything you would prefer not to get ruined, ie. the birthday child’s new princess fairy playhouse. Any boys attending will get confused and mistake it for a trampoline.

  • If hosting a party during winter, do not stick to the rule of inviting one child per year of the birthday child ie. four years equals four invitees. Half the invitees won’t come due to illness. Instead invite 20 children, and then you might get enough children attending to warrant a party.

  • Do treat yourself to a glass of wine (or, more cunningly, wine hidden in a teacup) during the party chaos. You deserve it.

  • Do not put your husband in charge of the music for Pass the Parcel. He will panic, forget all party etiquette and, amongst lots of eager and excited children, will accidentally stop the parcel with its final wrapping on his own dad.

  • Do put your husband in charge of the hotdog-and-chips party food. Try not to show your fury when he arrives home from the supermarket the night before the party with crinkle cut chips in batter (along with the extra batch of fairy cakes).

  • Do not believe the claim that the ‘Egyptian Mummy’ toilet paper game is suitable for 3-4 year olds.

  • Do not wait until it is raining before herding everyone outside to watch Chinese lanterns (billed as the Grand Finale) struggling to clear a hedge and float up into the sky.

  • Do remember to present the birthday child with her much anticipated hedgehog cake, and sing happy birthday.

  • Do not hold a birthday party next year. Instead, take the child to her favourite restaurant and give her a balloon.


nappy valley girl said...

Ha ha, this is great.

It's Littleboy 2's fourth birthday party tomorrow and I'm afraid to say we've gone very American and decided to hold it in one of these bouncy castle places that organises the whole thing for you. The only thing I've done myself is the goody bags (although if I had paid more, they would have put those together as well).

My only worry now is that there might be a snowstorm and no-one will be able to get there. Which is a shame when you've spent 100s of pounds you can't get back.....

Unknown said...

hi nappy valley girl, good luck for today and the party! i think it is very sensible to do the party away from the house! x

Birthday Flowers said...

Haha excellent advice there! I will make sure I follow it down to the very last don't!