Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Imparting wisdom

After hearing the cuckoo for the first time this year:

Me: That was the cuckoo - this means that it is definitely Spring!
Betty: Why does it mean it is Spring?
Me: Because the cuckoo comes in Spring
Betty: Why does he come in Spring?
Me: Because of all the pretty flowers
Dolly: Cuckoo
Betty: Where does he come from?
Me: From far away
Betty: Where?
Me: There it is again... did you hear it?
Betty: Yes. Where is the cuckoo?
Me: In the woods over there
Betty: Why is he in the woods?
Me: Because that's where he likes to be
Betty: Why?
Me: Because he likes woods
Dolly: Cuckoo
Betty: But why?
Me: Umm.... because he likes trees
Betty: Likes trees? Why does he like trees?
Me: Because they protect him from the sun
Betty: Why doesn't he like the sun?
Me: Because it is hot
Betty: Where does he go in the Summer?
Me: Far far away
Betty: Where?
Me: To another country
Betty: Which country?
Me: One across the sea
Betty: So where does he go in the Winter?
Me: Another country
Betty: The same country as in Summer?
Me: I have absolutely no idea


The mum of all trades said...

they always get you in the end!

Unknown said...

they sure do - the stamina!

sadie c said...

they are actually complete geniuses, put here to make us feel stupid!

little one is now full time at school, when does Betty start full time?

time to get off here. wretched school, mucking up my days!!! ;o)

sadie x

Unknown said...

hi sadie, how is she getting on?? Betty starts full time in sept... x

DC said...

Good post.

I have all this yet to come. I better get some answers ready but considering I actually do not what the days are, perhaps not!

Unknown said...

hi DC, i rarely know the answers... or what day of the week it is...

Unknown said...

hi DC, i rarely know the answers... or what day of the week it is...

Irene said...

Look everything up on the Internet. If you don't have the answer right away, say you will have it shortly. Never let her get the better of you ;O)