Thursday, 26 May 2011


The following items did not come on holiday with us, but came back with us:

  • Several bamboo canes dug up (by him) from the roadside near a cheese-making shop
  • A ridiculously massive slab of cheese, from the above shop
  • A mint plant, secretly dug up (by him, using Betty and Dolly as diversion aids), from a herb garden open to the public.  He said something like: 'Well if they will charge £6 entrance fee...'
  • Two big sacks of dried seaweed from the beach [for the chickens apparently]
  • Three large potted plants of mint of different varieties - paid for this time
  • A large potted black bamboo plant which cost 30 bloody quid, and was placed in between Betty and Dolly on the way home, and when it wasn't poking them in the eyes and making them cry, they were tearing it apart.
  • A job lot of tent pegs
  • Some cuttlefish shells
  • A book entitled 'Why office work is bad for us and why it's good to fix things'
  • A red spade
  • Shells
  • Stones
  • Sand
  • A blue spade
  • A toy truck
  • A stick


    Nel said...

    Anything extra for you apart form pockets, shoes, other crevices full of sand?

    Unknown said...

    Hi Nel, a couple of magazines, and some nail varnish remover :)

    nappy valley girl said...

    I'm impressed that you gained spades. We usually come back minus a few! But we do usually collect a few sticks, shells and random stones....

    Unknown said...

    Hi nappy valley, yes the whole spade thing is a bit of a sore point! Actually have just realised I missed something off Tom's list... his massive toy shovel...

    Irene said...

    It seems that Tom is quite a collector, but then men usually are. Mine always managed to come home with extra bits, some of which I'm still taking care of after 3 years of divorce.

    Unknown said...

    Hi Nora, yes they do tend to accumulate rubbish...
    The seaweed is still in the back of the car, yuck

    MummyMummyMum said...

    What resourceful children you have:-))

    Unknown said...

    Hi MMM, rescourceful children, or a resourceful husband?! :)