Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stealing and lying

I tell my kids white lies on a daily basis, and rarely feel guilty. I think they are needed in order to run a functional, less stressful life: 'No we can't go to that fairground, it is for children over ten' or 'No we can't get the paddling pool out, there is no water left in the taps'.

However, recently I got caught out by Betty, told a white lie to save my bacon, and felt awful about it. She is a hoarder, and can make her Easter egg supply, for example, last months. I am a chocoholic, and if there is chocolate in the house I find it very hard not to eat it. I do have morals though and draw the line at stealing from a four year old.

The other night, however, one minute I was watching Eastenders, the next thing I knew I had devoured an entire egg, from Betty's collection.

Despite my prayers that she might not notice the missing egg, she of course noticed the very next day. 'My very very very special big egg has gone' she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

'It's ok' I said, 'The Easter Bunny must have come back to collect it in the night, because it has been there for so long it became mouldy, and he didn't want you getting sick'.

Betty eyed me suspiciously. I felt wretched. And although fairgrounds will continue to be for over ten year olds, and our taps will conveniently run out of water when it suits, I will never ever steal from my children, and then lie about it, again.


sadie said...

does it make me really bad if I admit to you that

1. I found this hilariously funny
2. I have done similar thing myself, and also been found out!

Yeah,no Mum of the Year award for me!

I'm still hassled by admitting that I once put her Upsy Daisy dressing up outfit in the charity bag. She didn't wear it, I didn't like it, so I thought 'charity bag'. Stupidly, I told her where it was when she enquire MONTHS later. Even now, I get moaned at 'you put my Upsy outfit in the charitteee bag mum'. Urgh. Get over it child! See? Telling the truth can often come back to bit you in the bum and kick you in the teeth!


p.s Nanny 911 is on, and some vile woman is letting her children eat from the pigs food (the pig lives indoors!!!) and drink from the cat bowl. I feel like most hygenic mum in the world watching that!

Bo said...

Oh my goodness! I am in shock! I didn't realise the Easter Bunny might come back for the eggs, even if he didn't in this case. I once caught Daddy raiding my piggy bank. He didn't have an excuse.

EveryMum said...

Loved my first trip to your blog!

My little one is just three months so I've got a while until the little white lies need to start! My first however was when she was just days old and I told her that I have the reciept and the midwife will take her back if she isn't good. Sounds harsh but I'm sure you all remember the early days!

Have just started my own blog - I blog about what goes on in the minds of new mummies drawing on my own experiences but telling them through three fictional characters. Check it out!

Unknown said...

hi sadie, yes, you should never have mentioned the upsy daisy dress - too honest! x

Unknown said...

hi chatty baby, raiding the piggy bank - unbelievable!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi EveryMum, just been to look at your blog, and read thru the posts - i could so relate to them - looks like its gonna be good! x

Nel said...

oh shame on you. I would never do something like that.


nappy valley girl said...

Well at least you came up with an inventive excuse! Tee hee.

Irene said...

Maybe it's not such a good idea to tell those white lies. You'll be found out eventually. Better tell the truth. Kids remember.

Lorraine The Party Times said...

laughed when I read but can imagine how bad you felt! Couldn't survive without the odd white lie!

Emma Phillips said...

I have to admit that I do tell white lies to my son on a daily basis as it does make life a little easier but then us parents get so used to doing it, it becomes second nature... I have to admit that this post made me laugh out loud as I it is definitely something I would do but then feel bad about it...

Emma Phillips
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