Friday, 18 November 2011

Betty's 5th birthday

There has been mounting excitement from Betty about her fifth birthday since her fourth birthday. She has been doing a countdown for the last few months; 100 sleeps, 99 sleeps, 98 sleeps, and so on.

Her party had been planned, presents had been wrapped and purple fairy princess cake made (one-handed), decorations and balloons were waiting in the wings, the smoked salmon breakfast sat in the fridge, and her new pink glittery bike hid under blankets in the shed.

Heartbreakingly, little did we know, chickenpox was also waiting in the wings. With just one sleep to go, Betty came home from school with a fever, a spot on her cheek and an itchy back.

And so today, Betty's birthday, my darling girl is very poorly. With breakfast uneaten, presents half opened but not played with, party cancelled, and candles blown out through tears, it has been a pretty sorry day.

My darling, beautiful girl, I am so sorry you are unwell, it just doesn't seem fair. I promise that when you are better you will have a wonderful party with your friends, play pass the parcel, eat lots of cake, and get to play with all your lovely new presents.

You continue to make us so unbelievabley proud. We have watched in awe as you have embraced school life so enthusiastically, made lots of new friends, insisted on going on the school bus, learnt to read and write, drawn wonderful pictures, and all with a big smile. You are very kind and considerate of others, you have a lovely temperament, you are great company, and you are very funny.

Your mummy, daddy, and little sister love you very very much, as do many others. Get well soon my darling, and please don't worry, your birthday will just be a little later this year.


sadie said...

oh I am so sorry for you Betty. Such a shame.

Similar thing happened here, illness scuppered the 5th bd plan. She had tonsilitis, and by the time she was back at school and I was trying to get something sorted, other kids had bds and their invites had gone out. Many for the same day. It was so upsetting to say that we'd have to rethink.

So I completely understand. It makes you feel rotten to see them so upset.

I hope you are better soon little Betty, and I have no doubt that your mum will have something super fab up her sleeve for you .


Unknown said...

thank you sadie! am sorry to hear you had similar experience :(


Irene said...

Such incredible bad timing! I hope Betty is better again soon. XOX