Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Plaster blast

Despite the strikes, I have been assured that my plaster cast will be coming off tomorrow - I am currently doing cartwheels, and swinging from the light shade.

Things I have missed with my arm in plaster:
  • driving
  • touch typing
  • washing up
  • washing my right armpit effectively
  • putting my hair in a pony tail
  • cutting up my own food
  • doing up my own shoe laces
  • being 2lbs lighter
Things I will miss when my plaster goes:
  • having a legitimate excuse to get the supermarket cashiers to pack my bags
  • having a legitimate excuse not to mop the kitchen floor
  • having a legitimate excuse not to do the school run
  • having a legitimate excuse not to brush my childrens' hair
  • showering with a plastic carrier bag on my arm


northernmum said...

I am sure that you can still shower with a bag on, go wild!

Irene said...

Maybe you should get a fake plaster cast to help you get out of the occasional chore. Or maybe you could get a neck brace and pretend you have whiplash. I'm just trying to think of ways to help you. XOX

Rob Clack said...

The joy of losing the cast is fantastic, but I still hope never to experience it again!

Sparx said...

Oh go on, stop brushing their hair anyway...

Emma @mummymummymum said...

did it come off ok?