Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Extreme camping on a hilltop in Wales

A wet camping trip
At 3.30am this morning, Tom and I lay wide awake on top of a very stormy hill overlooking the sea. Dolly and Betty slept on, oblivious to the driving rain and gale force winds whipping our tent around like a sail.

There was a tense discussion between Tom and I about what would happen if the tent got struck by lightning. I pointed out that we were exposed on top of a hill in a pointy bell tent with a metal pole in the middle.

We decided to de-camp as quickly as we could, there and then. I gently shook Betty awake and told her she had to get up.  "It's the middle of the night, and I am only five, let me sleep," she mumbled. I knew that Dolly would be furious at being woken up, so I gave that job to Tom.

Once both girls were safely inside the car and happily eating crisps, Tom and I, both in pyjamas, head torches and serious expressions, embarked on our dangerous and extreme mission of dismantling the tent.

In this high state of emergency, I had to let go of my obsession of categorising everything and packing it all away neatly in its rightful home.  Sweating cheese and sausages were thrown into the wash bag, and unwashed cutlery and pans were shoved into Dolly's suitcase.

The normally straightforward job of folding up the tent became quite an ordeal as the wind got underneath it and threatened to blow the whole thing into the sky. Tom was in full action hero mode, and managed to hold it in place long enough to be able to gather it up, and cram it, soaking wet into the boot of the car.

Having successfully piled everything into the car in an impressive 20 minutes flat, we headed for home.  I sat uneasy in my seat, updating my Facebook friends of our ordeal, and not quite coping with the fact that things were not packed in an orderly fashion.  In the back of the car, Betty and Dolly had fallen asleep.  And it was all Tom could do to stop himself from saying 'I told you so', having strongly suggested that we de-camp a day earlier, after hearing severe weather warnings.


Trish said...

Reminds me of a huge storm at a campsite in France many years ago. We were in a static caravan but even then we wondered whether we should just leave. The next day we discovered all the Kids Club tents had blown away. Never did find them again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds a bit scary! So glad you were all safe. I think you should listen to Tom more, lol.

CJ x

Alice @ mycampertrailer.com.au said...

Wow! That is quite a dangerous adventure. Its a good thing you are all fine. Little Betty have a very charming personality. thanks a lot for the share. It really pays to listen on the weather forecast.

Unknown said...

Hi Trish - crikey, that sounds scary! Glad you were ok in the caravan though :)

Hi CJ, yes I probably should - can be stubborn sometimes :) x

Hi Alice, yes it does, but so often they are wrong, and I stupidly thought I knew better :(

Lorraine The Party Times said...

Sounds fun - not!! All's well that ends well!

nappy valley girl said...

What an adventure! The last time I slept in a tent, in New Zealand, it nearly blew away in the night. That is why I now prefer campsites with cabins. Perhaps not quite as romantic, but at least you have a solid roof over your head! x

Becky said...

Yikes! Glad you all decamped safely.

Hope everything is right back in it's rightful place now!