Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Olympics 2012: through the eyes of a five-year-old

Betty's Olympic foot

Betty came into our bed at around 5am this morning because she had had a bad dream about a talking sofa.

The next thing I knew I was woken up by the Olympics blarring out of the tv at 7am, and Betty glued to the screen.  'Please watch it with me Mummy, it's really really exciting.'

This was Betty's commentary, during a hurdles race, some pole vaulting, and the handing out of medals for the men's 100 Metre:

  • Have Olympians got babies in their tummies?
  • Why has she got sticking out lines on her tummy?
  • Are her muscles sticking into her?
  • Is she the best?
  • This lady isn't very good, she keeps knocking the stick over
  • Is she the best?
  • What's the matter with that lady? Why is she crying?
  • Why do they make that silly noise?
  • Has it been raining?
  • Those jumps are very high
  • Why have they been given flowers?
  • Is gold for the fastest?
  • Is he singing loud, or is he not actually singing the anthem?
  • Why do we need bronzed?
  • Are men better than ladies?
  • Why are they hitting their tummies?
  • Why has he got his sunglasses on?
  • Why is he screaming?
  • When is it my birthday?  Is it on a school day?
  • How many sleeps is it til my birthday?
  • When I am going to get another wobbly tooth?
  • I like the bendy stick one
  • Why has she  got such a long stick?
  • That lady really was not very good
  • People keep knocking the sticks down
  • Why does that man always say  'champion, champion, champion, champion...' ?
  • Is that water they are running in cold?
  • Why is he ringing the bell?
  • Is she from Holland?
  • I think that is the Holland flag
  • I wish I was the Olympic champion
  • I really want to win 50 gold medals
  • I would be so happy
  • I would like to win medals on all of them, even cycling

I am ashamed to say that up until this point I have avoided anything to do with the Olympics, but Betty's incredible enthusiasm has finally rubbed off on me.  And I thoroughly enjoyed my Olympic, if slightly exhausting, start to the day...


AliBlahBlah said...

I LOVED the 'she keeps knocking the stick over comment. Hilarious. My 3 year old thinks the Olympics are being held at our house on our TV and she's incredulous that other people have seen it too....

nappy valley girl said...

Very cute and funny. We've had some hilarious Olympics conversations here, including a big debate on whether or not Usain Bolt is faster than a cheetah. Littleboy 2 keeps wanting to know if we will beat China in gold medals and can't understand why I'm telling him it's unlikely. And about once a day we get the question "Is this in London"? even though we've told them 70 million times it is.