Sunday, 25 July 2010

Barry Island - La Isla Bonita?

We went to Barry Island yesterday for my birthday, and just as we pulled into the car park La Isla Bonita came on the radio, no word of a lie. I wouldn't exactly say it is a beautiful 'island' (because of all the broken glass on the beach, for one) but it certainly was good tacky fun! (Did you spot the welshisms a la Gavin and Stacey, in this paragraph?)

PS My children are becoming as thick as thieves, and are beginning to form an alliance.


sadie said...

funnily enough, as soon as I read 'Barry Island' I ditched the East Anglian accent and heard it 'barreeee Ay-lnd' in a sing song Welsh (ish) accent like Stacey!

When I want a good dose of tack, I head to either Great Yarmouth of Sarrfeeend. Tough call to say which one wins!

Yikes to your girls being such chums! Can imagine all the trouble that can cause!

Glad you had a great Mine is in October, I'll hit the big 3-9!!!!!! Boo.


sadie said...

p.s voted for you on Cosmo. You write your blog so well, and make life sound so much fun that you deserve recognition for it :O)

Unknown said...

Hi Sadie, oh yes Great Yarmouth, I went there once - if you are in the mood for tack these places are fab! Thank you v much for the nomination! x

Victoria said...

glad you had a lovely birthday...its so sweet that they are becoming such good pals! But yes I suspect there will be plots against you no doubt!!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Happy belated birthday! MM x