Sunday, 4 July 2010


Since having children my motto has been: Never ever be lulled into a false sense of security. This is because anything and everything I ever think, the opposite then happens.

Some examples:

'Isn't it great that Dolly loves broccoli so much'. The very next time I gave her broccoli she refused point blank to eat it.

'Isn't it great that Betty loves her new pre-school so much'. The following morning she told me that she hated pre-school and refused to go.

'Isn't it great that Tom's washing up skills have improved so much'. Etc.

A couple of weeks ago I thought to myself, 'Isn't it great that we are all fit and healthy'. Then the virus hit the Button household. Betty was burning up and in so much pain during the early hours of Friday that I desperately tried to keep her distracted with DVDs (in my bed), and promises of trips to Pizza Express and new pink scooters, when she got better. The following morning she pretended to be better in a bid to have the aforementioned things, but by mid morning she could no longer keep it up and took to my bed once more.

Yesterday however, she was genuinely better, and so Tom and Dolly (who both had the virus at the beginning of the week), and Betty, all went into town, met up with Tom's mum, had Pizza Express, got the pink scooter and had a really jolly old time. Meanwhile, I stayed at home, with the bug, and thought to myself 'Isn't it great that I am on the mend, specially as Tom is going to London for five days tomorrow'.


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh dear....Hope you're feeling much better soon!

Beccers said...

I laughed out loud at the Tom's washing up bit... hee hee!

hope you're better x

Fiona Erlandsen said...

I totally agree with this. My husband works away a lot, and I have 3 smallish children, 6 and twins coming 4 in July. Just when you kick back for 5 seconds, relax and enjoy things a bit, you then nobbled!