Sunday, 11 July 2010

Our offspring

Tom and I seem to produce babies who:
  • will only say 'Da' for the first couple of years

  • eat ANYTHING put in front of them apart from avocado

  • frequently give withering looks and sigh

  • begin walking at exactly 14 and a half months

  • don't like to be cuddled

  • look odd in dresses

  • suck their thumb

  • reject the breast before the designated 12 months

  • have comforters which seem to mean more to them than their own parents

  • love shoes


Victoria said...

ah the love of shoes...yes...this is little miss p's favourite word/ toy/ game! And yes NOTHING can come between her and her yogi (thats a bit of old sheeting that she uses to comfort)...bless em

Beccers said...

how about testing your theory with a 3rd?? (Just kidding!)

Blissful Mum said...

So strange, my two boys are completely opposite in everything - walking, talking, eating, sleeping. My husband and I are total opposites too - maybe one takes after me and the other after him!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I have on e of them too. I think they call them girls :)

Sparx said...

Did you clone Betty then? Although Charlie has always loved his shoes.