Friday, 25 November 2011

Santa and the Policeman

My slightly jerky and distorted Christmas animation! It is Christmas Eve and Santa needs to deliver all the presents, but he gets distracted along the way and ends up at a fun fair, a zoo and a farm!  Will all the presents get delivered on time?  Starring characters from Happyland.


Irene said...

That was very cute, Very well done.

Iota said...

You missed out the bit where the policeman says "sorry, I don't drink on duty".

Very impressive achievement with one arm.

Unknown said...

after a very stressful night, i think the policeman needed to be off duty at that point.

Tom just told me 'i think you are more effective with one arm'

Maxine said...

A latecomer to this wonderful animation. My 5-year-old loved it. The story is great - very funny. Sorry to hear about the arm - it must have made the animation a challenge!