Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Dolly!

Dolly is three today.  She hasn't really said much about her impending birthday, and seems pretty nonplussed by the whole thing.  And so we are having pass the parcel and jelly solely for Betty's benefit.

I tried to spark her enthusiasm by telling her of the lovely presents she will be receiving, and the party food and balloons, and the trip to Pizza Express, but she just told me that I could have her birthday instead.

Despite her nonchalance, she did specify that she would like a Peppa Pig cake and that it had to be made by me.  I am not sure whether this request was to stress me out and make me work, or whether she genuinely did care about what sort of cake she had.

After my one-armed, one-day, effort with Betty's cake last November, I felt I could take on anything.  Betty and I had a few arguments during construction, mainly because she kept accidentally spilling food colouring everywhere, and nicking bits of icing snout and ears, and turning them into other 'beautiful things'.  But we got there in the end.

With the cake made yesterday, Birthday Girl announced this morning that in fact she wanted to have a fairy princess cake instead.  I pretended not to hear.

Happy Birthday my darling girl - you are funny, and gorgeous, and sweet, and kind, and we all completely and utterly adore you.  XXXX


sadie said...

I'd pretend not to hear too!

Happy Birthday Dolly Button! Enjoy it, and enjoy the cake.

My darling daughter on snugging against me yesterday, asked if I was having a baby. Oh. Diet starts tomorrow then! Kids! Rotters, the lot of them. But we wouldn't change a thing!


Irene said...

Happy Birthday Dolly. I can't believe you're three!

solveig said...

Happy Birthday Dolly! How time flies... xxx

Baby Shower Cupcakes said...

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Dolly is now 3 - it makes me realise how long I've known you in the blogging world!! I believe Betty was even younger than Dolly is now when I first discovered your blog!

Great cake, you've done a fine job!
CJ x

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Dolly. Loving the cake - so much nicer than anything that you could buy from a shop.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Happy birthday, darling Dolly! I can't believe she is only two weeks younger than L. It seemed like a lifetime back then.
Funny that Dolly has been so nonchalant about it all. L is still talking about her cake with pink icing and that there was bunting and presents and, and, and... She actually still sings happy birthday to herself :)

Unknown said...

That cake is amazing! My daughter turns 2 in a couple of months and I was thinking of attempting a Peppa cake, but was feeling unsure about it! You have spurred me to give it a go (although I may have a back up on the side just in case lol)

leenajacob345 said...
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leenajacob345 said...

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Mandy said...

Happy birthday Dolly! My little one absolutely adores Peppa Pig! - The cake looks fabulous!

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