Friday, 6 April 2012

Mice and malfunctions

Things that I have done this week:
  • put all the winter clothes away
  • picked mouse droppings out of the sugar bowl
  • saw a mouse flailing around the kitchen in a trap, half-dead
  • watched in horror as my laptop spectacularly malfunctioned
  • fell in love with the man at PC World who heroically fixed malfunction and rescued my data
  • smoked out the entire house while trying to light the woodburner, and had to evacuate
  • washed several loads of wood-smoked clothes 
  • eaten several of the kids' Easter eggs
  • felt immensely guilty, and replenished the egg stocks
  • broken up several fights between Betty and Dolly
  • been on numerous play-dates
  • noted that our windows haven't been cleaned for seven years
  • realised my new favourite chef is Hugh F-W (sorry Jamie O)
  • wondered how long it would be before I felt safe to enter my kitchen again, and cook
  • had lots of cruel thoughts towards the mice
  • thought about moving house
  • began packing, perhaps a little prematurely, for our holiday next week
  • got all the winter clothes back out again

1 comment:

Irene said...

Ues, I'm glad I don't put my winter clothes away ever. I'm starting to think I'll constantly need them. Of course, I dress in layers so there are no real bigg sweaters there. I just peel off one layer when it gets warmer. xox